What are all these "Sign & Drive" events I keep seeing?

Let's face it, this country has Sign & Drive fever. It seems like everywhere you go today, you can always find a TV on with a Sign & Drive commercial playing. There are so many nowadays, that it's not too hard to block all of these commercials out in your head after a while, once you've seen them for the oh, the 500th or so time. (Or at least it feels like we've seen them that many times.)

But despite the pervasiveness of these events, many people still aren't exactly familiar with how a sign and drive event works, so allow us to explain.

The whole point of having this event for you (you can see the details in the picture above) is that you stand a good chance of taking a car home today, without having even dropped a cent. Sign and drive events, reward spontaneity. They ask, "Why don't you come on down and give our car a spin?" You don't need to worry if you can afford the down payment right now, because there will be a good chance that there isn't one. In this case, we're offering the beautiful Elantra GTS for only $189 dollars a month. We dare you to beat that anywhere else

But not only is the monthly price good, the initial down payment is good too: Try $0.

That's the beauty of Sign & Drive. And that's also how Sign & Drive earned the nickname "Sign and Drive", because let's face it, there's usually a third step: PAY, sign, and drive.

We think that extra step is overrated...

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